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4mm accumulated lactate acidemia fetal ácido láctico acidosis acidosis láctica acidosis neonatal aclaramiento de lactato acumulación de lactato admission hyperlactatemia aerobic metabolism alto rendimiento amniotic fluid lactate anaerobic threshold análisis de lactato análisis lactato analizador de lactato analizador lactato analizadores lactato athletic performance blood lactate blood lactate analyser blood lactate concentration blood lactate levels blood lactate transition thresholds cambio de lactato cardiac arrest cardiopulmonary resuscitation cardiorespiratory insufficiency choque séptico citosol clinica concentración de lactato concentración de lactato en sangre concentraciones de lactato condición física consumo máximo de oxígeno conversión de lactato cpr curva de lactato deporte equino disfunción orgánica dmax ejercicio elevated lactate eliminación del lactato emergency department enfoque terapéutico entrenamiento entrenamiento deportivo equine lactate equine lactatoe equine medicine equine sport exercise intensity exercise performance feline lactate fetal acidaemia fetal lactate field kit field test fuente de energía glicólisis glycolysis hiperlactacidemia hiperlactatemia hipotensión horse resistance hospital mortality hyperlactacidemia hyperlactataemia hyperlactatemia hypotension icu mortality in-hospital mortality insuficiencia cardiorrespiratoria insuficiencia orgánica lactataemia lactate lactate & cancer lactate & diabetes lactate accumulation lactate acidosis lactate amniotic fluid lactate analyser lactate analysis lactate analyzer lactate and cats lactate and exercise lactate and horse lactate and horses lactate and poisonous mushrooms lactate and sepsis lactate and sport lactate and triage lactate change lactate clearance lactate concentration lactate concentration de lactato lactate curve lactate dehydrogenase lactate elevations lactate in animals lactate in blood lactate in calves lactate in cats lactate in cows lactate in dogs lactate in foals lactate in horses lactate in sheep lactate in swimming lactate in the sport field lactate in veterinary lactate in veterinary care lactate in veterinary medicine lactate labour lactate level lactate level and mortality lactate levels lactate measurement lactate measurements lactate metabolism lactate meter lactate monitoring lactate offer lactate oxidase lactate oxidation lactate plus lactate pro lactate pro 2 lactate pro strips lactate pro test strips lactate production lactate scout lactate scout oferta lactate scout offer lactate threshold lactate;sepsis;trauma lactatemia lactato lactato acumulado lactato cordón umbilical lactato elevado lactato en animales lactato en caballos lactato en clínica lactato en clínica; 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Handheld Lactate Analysers Measure Lactate Levels Precisely in Infected ED Patients

Noviembre 09, 2017 - Noticia en Cuestiones Técnicas

Imagen de Handheld Lactate Analysers Measure Lactate Levels Precisely  in Infected ED Patients

Gaieski et al. conducted this study in order to determine the accuracy of a handheld point-of-care blood lactate meter as compared to a laboratory analyser, in critically ill ED patients. The authors concluded that the handheld analyser provides accurate lactate measurements which significantly decreases the time it takes to get the results.

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Tags: lactate meter, blood lactate, lactate analyser

How to Measure Lactate Using theLactate Plus Handheld Analyser

Octubre 24, 2017 - Noticia en Analizadores de Lactato

Imagen de How to Measure Lactate Using theLactate Plus Handheld Analyser

We have uploaded a video to our YouTube channel to show you the simplicity of performing a blood lactate measurement using the Lactate Plus handheld analyser. Just one drop of blood is sufficient to achieve accurate levels of lactate in just 13 seconds.

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Tags: lactate, lactate plus, lactate measurement, lactate meter, lactate analyser, measuring lactate, measure lactate

Reliability and Accuracy of Lactate Scout, Lactate Pro and Lactate Plus lactate analyzers

Marzo 26, 2015 - Noticia en Analizadores de Lactato

Imagen de Reliability and Accuracy of Lactate Scout, Lactate Pro and Lactate Plus lactate analyzers

This research aims to assess the suitability, reliability and accuracy of the portable lactate analyzers Lactate Scout (LS), Lactate Plus (L +) and Lactate Pro (LP) for measurements of lactate in athletes.

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Tags: lactate, lactate pro, lactate scout, lactate plus, lactate analyzer, lactate measurement, lactate meter, blood lactate

The Lactate Pro 2 lactate analyzer is also for sale on the Laktate website

Octubre 02, 2014 - Noticia en Analizadores de Lactato

Imagen de The Lactate Pro 2 lactate analyzer is also for sale on the Laktate website

The Lactate Pro 2 lactate analyzer, manufactured by Japanese company Arkray, is for sale at Laktate also markets the test strips for this analyzer, as well as the strips for the previous version, the Lactate Pro, throughout Europe.

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Tags: lactate, lactate pro, lactate analyzer, lactate measurement, lactate meter